What is Consumer Law and how does it work for you?

Our goal is to save homes from foreclosure
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Defending the Foreclosure
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Thorough Review of a Homeowner's Loan Documents
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Law Suit Against Lender
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What is Consumer Law and how does it work for you?

Our experienced Attorneys have helped thousands of homeowners.

Consumer Laws govern everyday contracts and transactions involving individual consumers acting on their own behalf. These laws are designed to protect your basic rights as a consumer. In other words, they level the playing field for protection and provide a basis for recourse if you should be financially harmed.

Laws that protect consumers cover small monetary transactions such as retail purchases, to credit card debt and personal loans, all the way up to home-buying and even investing, which can all be categorized as consumer transactions. Consumer Assistance Law was founded by professionals who use laws designed to help protect consumers in this field to settle a vast majority of consumer disputes utilizing several forms of resolution:

Your rights and obligations as a consumer may be affected by many areas of law. These fall under the heading of statutory and regulatory consumer protection which will bring into focus special government laws and regulations. These laws regulate a wide variety of consumer transactions and are the very essence of defending against misleading and deceptive practices. For the purpose of positioning our clients with the greatest possible advantage, Consumer Assistance Law may put forth claims under the following:


Consumer Assistance Law also focuses upon secured debt such as homes with mortgages securing the note. When it comes to your home, don’t take chances! Consumer Assistance Law’s thorough investigation methods, including the use of an audit and securitization report of your loan, can help secure your home mortgage restructuring, renegotiation, or foreclosure defense to give you peace of mind and stability while protecting your rights as a homeowner.


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