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    Many homeowners have the desire to remain current on their mortgage payments but are consistently finding it more difficult to do so. Often times, homeowners are constantly juggling their budget or are falling behind on other obligations in the desperate attempt to remain current with their mortgage. Unfortunately, the slightest change in their circumstances such as a major home repair, automobile problems, the permanent or even temporary loss of income can drastically alter one’s situation and payment capabilities.

    At Consumer Assistance Law, we can provide you alternatives of how to prepare now for these potential financial problems before they become a reality. Remember that you are afforded the same legal rights whether you are current or behind in your payments.

  • One or more months behind on my mortgage

    Today’s economy has forced millions of homeowners, like you, to become one or more months behind on your mortgage. While you may feel that you are in a hopeless cycle, there is still time to get your financial situation resolved with your lender.

    Consumer Assistance Law can provide you with alternatives to best cure your mortgage deficiency. There are legal procedures which both you and your lender must follow in order to find the most meaningful solution to getting current. We may be able to assist in using the law and our expertise in home retention in providing you with a new payment schedule that is affordable to you going forward.

  • Going into foreclosure

    If you are one of the countless millions of homeowners that have been notified by your lender that you are going into foreclosure, now is the time to take immediate action. Each state’s process and procedures vary in how they handle foreclosure. The process to cure your deficiency has taken on serious consequences. Whether you are in a Judicial or Non- Judicial State, legal or other actions are proceeding to enable your lender to seize your home.

    The foreclosure process gives both parties rights and protections. Consumer Assistance Law is experienced in Foreclosure Defense and protecting our client’s rights using Federal and State laws.

  • In foreclosure

    Foreclosure is your lender exercising its rights to cure any deficiency and/or seize your home. The time frame of this process is largely dependent on whether you are in a Judicial or Non-Judicial State. The courts are involved in the process in Judicial States whereas in Non-Judicial States, a lender simply asserts default and proceeds accordingly to procedures. In either case, you must take action to save your home.

    At Consumer Assistance Law, we are experienced in Foreclosure Defense and home retention using Federal and State Laws to protect your rights and ultimately find a favorable outcome regarding your mortgage situation. Time is of the essence!

  • Being told that you have a foreclosure sale date on your home

    When you have not paid your mortgage you are at risk of losing your home. A Sale Date is the outcome of your lender’s previous collection efforts and the legal procedures they used in arriving at this final step of taking possession of your home.

    If you are seriously interested in saving your home, you must act NOW! Consumer Assistance Law specializes in Foreclosure Defense and home retention using Federal and State Laws to protect your rights and ultimately to find a favorable outcome regarding your pending Sale Date. You must take IMMEDIATE action if you want to save your home.


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